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Sleep in Heavenly Peace
Helping Children in Need Sleep Better
On February 27, a team of members from Rome First UMC, along with several members of other local communities, spent the morning working with Sleep In Heavenly Peace.  Sleep in Heavenly Peace is an organization of volunteers that builds and delivers beds to local children who do not have a bed. It was a full and rewarding morning being able to contribute to such a wonderful cause.

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Celebrating Baptism

We are so excited to have celebrated Gracie's baptism along with her family!

God bless you, Gracie!


It is with great joy that this past Sunday, we were able to celebrate,
through Confirmation, the addition of four new members to the
United Methodist Church!

Ashton, Daniel, Evan, and Jonathyn were asked to write a paragraph about their confirmation experience and why they chose to be confirmed.

It means a great deal to my family that I get confirmed and I am glad I have done it. After this process, I feel like I have a closer relationship with God and I look forward to where it will take me. I have been going to this church since I was a baby and feel like it is an accepting environment. I chose Mr. Hartz as my mentor because he is always encouraging me and supporting me to go to summer camp. - Ashton

The confirmation experience was fun. I got to learn about God. I also walked around the church and learned more about the church. I chose to get confirmed to become a member of the church. My mom is a member and that motivates me and I also wanted to learn more about God. I am thankful for having a mentor (Mrs. Weiss) to guide me through the Bible. - Daniel

I am choosing to be confirmed because I wish to continue a long legacy in my family of meaningful membership in the Methodist Church. God has had a deep impact on my life and I have enjoyed this experience to become closer to Him. It has been a long process due to scheduling and Covid and I am excited to make this milestone. I was very happy to work with Beth (mentor) on this journey and know she will continue to be an important person in my spiritual life. - Evan

My confirmation experience was good, just like how God said everything was good in the first days of creation. I chose to be confirmed for the church, for worship, for my family, and others. The church is someplace I want to be when worshiping and connecting with God and everything He has to offer. My family and mentor (Mr. DeVincenzo) were here when I needed them and encouraged me the most throughout my journey. Being confirmed is a gift and something to appreciate more. - Jonathyn


New Members

On Sunday, May 21, 
Rome First officiall
y welcomed three new members into the United Methodist Church.
We are excited to walk alongside our brother and sisters in Christ and 
welcome them into the Rome First Family!


God bless you, Mia
and welcome to the
Rome First UMC Family!
Holy Baptism
 It is with great joy that
we welcomed
Mia Martignetti
into the body of Christ through her baptism!

Vacation Bible School

Earlier this month, we had several youth from our community join us for a week long VBS adventure! Through song and dance, crafts, games, drama, and sharing a meal together, we learning about and experiencing God's love for us and for each other.

New Members
On Sunday, September 18, the Rome First officially welcomed three new members into the United Methodist Church.
We are excited to walk alongside these sisters in Christ and to welcome them into the Rome First Family!


In the Spring of 2022, we had the distinct pleasure of welcoming and receiving six new members to our church family!!! It is with great joy and excitement that we celebrate the continuous work of the Holy Spirit in all of our lives and the every growing family of Christ followers!

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