Rome First Christian Education

At Rome First, we serve the spiritual needs and guidance of every member of our congregation as well as every family unit, regardless of their makeup. Families come in all shapes and sizes, and often encompass several generations. It is our mission to fill each and every one of the spiritual “buckets” that come through our doors with love and nurturing.

Our nursery is open and available for parents to use during Sunday services, bible studies, meetings, and church events. We keep the space clean, sanitized, and well-stocked with Christian-based toys to begin to introduce our littlest members to Jesus and his love for us. On Sunday mornings, our Nursery Attendant is on hand to welcome your infants and toddlers with snuggles and a smile; they will dote on your little one to insure their first experiences at church are happy ones.

Our Sunday School classes are held at 10:00 on Sunday mornings and are open to all children  Our volunteer teachers are well trained and background checked to insure a positive, safe experience while offering solid bible-based lessons and activities to engage your children in a multitude of bible stories. Sunday School teachers use crafts, games, music, and activities to bring home the bible verse of the day and reinforce the message that God has for us in His Word.

Members of our youth group participate in self- and peer-led bible studies around current events and concerns of the attending youth. Topics might cover issues that have recently happened in the school, in the community, and around the globe. The group relates relevant scripture to the issue at hand and discusses what God’s Word has to say. By encouraging life application of The Word, the messages are more likely to stick and hit home with these teens-in-training.

The bible addresses the importance of parents being spiritual leaders for their children and serving as faithful examples in their upbringing. We are here to support mothers, fathers, steps, adoptive parents, grandparent, and other extended family members in this most important mission. How can parents reinforce the scriptures introduced during Sunday School? How can parents relay the messages of the week’s sermon? How can parents lead their children to follow the life that God has set forth for them? Our doors are always open for conversation, discussion, suggestions, resources, and more. It indeed takes a village, and the church is at the very center.

Throughout the year, we host several fun and exciting special events for kids and families including Christmas and Easter. For one week during the summer, we host a themed Vacation Bible School for area children regardless of their church affiliation. The life of the church comes from the joy and laughter emanating from these events and the love that fills our Fellowship Hall.
The Family Ministry department at Rome First UMC is committed to guiding families in the path of Christ’s light of the world. The Good Shepherd calls us to let the children come to him, to share his love with all the world, and to focus our sights on life everlasting. We are here to support you and your family as you travel your spiritual journey.

While the Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed how we’ve “done church” this past year, we have not forgotten that God is with us and carries us through trying times such as these. WE are the church and we have continued to praise and worship Him by providing Family Experience Kits for the families we serve. The kits are designed for families to work through together and engage in fun activities that reinforce bible stories and scriptures. Families have then joined with us on Zoom every week to talk about their activities and share their experiences with each other. We praise God that we continue to stay connected even when we are not physically together.